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Ohio Transmission Corporation acquires C & C Industrial Sales, LLC, and Midway Industrial Supply, Inc.

Recent acquisitions position OTC as a national leader?in finishing, sealants and adhesive applications technologies and service COLUMBUS, Ohio — Dec. 19, 2016 — Ohio Transmission Corporation, an industrial equipment service provider and distributor headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, announces the acquisition of both C & C Industrial Sales, LLC, and Midway Industrial Supply. [...]

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The Overall Theme of FABTECH 2016? Solving overall operation productivity.

? ? ?Finishing Pavillion at FABTECH (Photo Cred. - AXALTA) According to Fabtechexpo.com, a whopping 1,500 exhibiting companies and a total of 31,110 attendees from over 120 countries gathered together in the Las Vegas Convention Center for the 2016 FABTECH Expo. The show is one of North America’s largest collaborations of technology, [...]

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Are You Ready For FABTECH? Our last minute preview and tips?before heading to the big show.?

FABTECH EXPO,?November 16 – 18, ?Las Vegas, NV Overview: At Fabtech you can see the latest industry products and developments, and find the tools to improve productivity, increase profits and discover new solutions to all of your metal forming, fabricating, welding, and finishing needs. The annual event will offer more than?1,300?exhibitors?and?28,000?attendees?full access to over?550,000?net square [...]

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Vacherie Fuel: A Success Story

Introduction Leonard Waguespack founded both Vacherie Fuel Corporation and Waguespack Oil Company in Vacherie, LA?during the early 1930’s. Vacherie Fuels, specifically, offers a full range of propane solutions from outdoor living to residential delivery and refill. Over time, they also began a refinishing program for their 20lb propane cylinders due to the growing costs of [...]

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The 30th Annual Sioux Boy Scout Shootout

Midway's Shootout Group (left to right) Adam Domaas, John Becker, Greg Dvorsak, and Curt Thostenson Midway recently participated in the Sioux Boy Scout Shootout at Hunters Pointe Shooting Club in Humboldt, South Dakota. This event was brought to our attention by our good customer Showplace Wood Products. Showplace, and one of its original [...]

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It’s a Wrap! The Largest Woodworking Event of the Year Was a Great Success.

The International Woodworking Fair (IWF) came to a close August 27th after three days of excitement at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta,?GA.?The attendee figures were verified by IWF, which grew a whopping 10 percent from 14,400 to 16,000 when compared to the 2014 show. These numbers, surprisingly, exclude exhibitor personnel and other attendees, [...]

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Featured Projects with Rapid Engineering, LLC.

We have a long history of success partnering with Rapid? on engineered?projects. Rapid? manufactures finishing systems and components for a wide variety of markets including automobile, furniture, material handling, architectural and recreational products. Coatings used in these systems include various liquid or powder, as well as the following substrate materials: metal, plastic, wood, Medium Density [...]

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Company Corner

Bobby Berbiglia Bobby joined Contrast 3 years ago and has quickly picked up extensive knowledge in both the powder and liquid industries. Those of you that have worked with Bobby know his attention to detail and follow through separate him from other salespeople. Personally, Bobby is the proud father of two and?married to his college [...]

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Industrial Painting – Evolving with Robotics and Automation

Beyond the mesmerizing and nimble movements robots serve a?much higher purpose in the industrial paint world. Creating a virtually flawless finish with exceptional consistency and output is helping companies surpass both their output goals and competition. It’s proven that robots dramatically lower operating costs and material waste yet their?reputation?continues?to be negative in many industries. Many [...]

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