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Iwata Spray Gunsiwata

Midway offers the full line of Iwata?paint spray guns, including:

Iwata Air Spray (Conventional) – Paint Spray Guns


Iwata W200 Air Spray Gun

Lightweight full size pressure feed air spray gun with high transfer efficiency control and superior atomization. Excellent spray gun for automotive, woodwork, furniture, and the metal plastic industries.

Available in Siphon and Pressure Feed.iwata


Iwata W300-G Air Spray Gun

Compact center post air spray gun with high transfer efficiency control and superior atomization.

Available in Gravity Feed.iwata


Iwata W101 Air Spray Gun

The NEW W101 air spray gun improves on the reliable reputation of the W100. The improved air cap design with increased pattern shape stability improves atomization and decreases mottling and blotching. The ergonomic gun body design combined with lighter weight helps to reduce painter fatigue.

Available in Gravity, Siphon and Pressure Feed.iwata

Iwata HVLP – Paint Spray Guns


Iwata LPH100 HVLP Spray Gun

High performance compact HVLP spray gun with LV technology and our tulip inspired spray pattern offers low air consumption with superior atomization. It is suited for operators comfort and reduces fatigue while maintaining full size spray gun functionality.

Available in Gravity, Siphon and Pressure Feed.iwata


Iwata LPH200 HVLP Spray Gun

This heavy-duty lightweight pressure feed HVLP spray gun is supplied with a standard spray set-up for industrial applications and higher viscosity materials.

This Gun is also available with the LV technology and tulip inspired spray pattern, allowing for superior atomization with minimal overspray.

Available in Pressure Feed.iwata


Iwata LPH400 HVLP Spray Gun

High performance center post HVLP spray gun with low air consumption and superior atomization utilizing LV technology and a tulip inspired spray pattern. The design provides easy clean up and reduces material waste.

The LVB Model is designed for obtaining improved control on refinish paints that contain fine metallic and pearls that standard set-ups face difficulties such as mottling, blotching, streaking, floating, etc.

Available in Gravity Feed.iwata

Iwata Compliant – Paint Spray Guns


Iwata W400-LV Compliant Spray Gun

The W400-LV high performance center post high transfer efficiency spray gun combines LV Technology with High-TEC standards and a tulip inspired spray pattern. This gun complies with regulations for the application of coatings within specific areas and approval is subject to the conditions of your regional air quality agency.

Available in Gravity Feed.iwata

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